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It may only have a population of 68,000, but Palo Alto has the sights to rival its larger neighbors. Don’t know where to start? Let our crew point you in the right direction.

  • fashionable woman holding shopping bags

    Always Something to do at the Stanford Shopping Center

    March 02

    Whether you want to dabble in luxury shopping, grab a bite to eat, or just want to do something but don’t know quite what that something is, the Stanford Shopping Center has you covered. This massive shopping center has over 140 stores and restaurants that are as unique as Palo Alto, and finding just what you need has never been easier.

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  • saxophone player

    Fun Festivals Coming to Palo Alto

    February 04

    Festivals are a great way to experience new things because they tend to highlight something niche that you may not normally get to experience all in one place. Palo Alto is no stranger to having great festivals rolling through town. In the near future, Palo Alto will proudly host the San Jose Jazz Winter Festival and Lunafest.

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  • cockpit of an old airplane

    Explore the Hiller Aviation Museum

    January 06

    Since most of us only have experience with riding in commercial aircraft, it’s amazing to think about just how much goes on behind the scenes and just how diverse the aviation world is. As you visit Palo Alto and surrounding areas, stop by the Hiller Aviation Museum and explore the machines that fill our skies.

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  • lego sculpture of a green dragon

    The 16th Annual Holiday Lego Show

    December 02

    At this point in your life, you probably think you’ve seen every type of holiday display in existence. No matter which holiday you celebrate, themed-evens and decorations always tend to become a bit repetitive. However, Palo Alto is home a unique holiday lego display that is sure to break the mold this season.

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  • wrapping christmas gift boxes

    Welcome the Holiday Season With a Holiday Bazaar

    November 04

    If the way-too-early holiday music blasting out of every storefront hasn’t made it clear, it’s almost time for the holiday season. Usher in the cold weather and warm mood with a Holiday Bazaar at the Mountain View Senior Center!

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  • puppy in halloween costume

    Don't Get Spooked

    October 07

    With Halloween right around the corner, costume parties and trick-or-treat extravaganzas are sure to follow. However, Halloween isn't the only option for family fun in late October. On October 27, the Palo Alto Art Center invites you and the whole family to Zoo Family Day.

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  • fashion sketch

    Artistry in Fashion

    September 02

    Palo Alto may be famous as the tech capital of the world, but when you look inside the hardware you will find an elegant city booming with art and culture. On September 28, you’re invited to explore this other side of Palo Alto with Artistry in Fashion.

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  • woman in yellow dress and denim jacket painting

    Exciting Sights at the Palo Alto Festival of the Arts

    August 05

    Over the last couple of years, local art fairs have exploded in popularity. These fairs attract top local talent and expose the world to their masterpieces. The Palo Alto Festival of the Arts takes this idea to the next level. By showcasing only the top of the top artists from the West Coast, this massive festival attracts over 150,000 guests every year. 

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  • movies in the park

    Free Summer Outdoor Cinema

    July 01

    When the sun goes down, the night sky turns any screen into a potential movie theater. This summer, Downtown Redwood City is proud to introduce Movies on the Square 2019. This free outdoor cinema experience will take place every Thursday evening from June 6th - August 29th (minus July 4th) and it definitely aims to impress.

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  • saxophone player

    Join the Festivities on Palo Alto World Music Day

    June 03

    Music is a common ground that bridges all cultures of the world together. Every person and group of people celebrate music their own way and have unique preferences. Every year on Father Day (June 16 this year), the city of Palo Alto celebrates the world’s music culture with Palo Alto World Music Day.

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  • baylands nature preserve

    Get a Breath of Fresh Air at the Baylands Nature Preserve

    May 06

    With all of the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley, a relaxing breath of fresh air amid nature is a welcomed change of pace. Here in Palo Alto, that means a day-trip to one of the largest stretches of pristine, undisturbed marshland in the San Francisco Bay, the Baylands Nature Preserve.

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  • man on bench in art gallery

    Mesmerizing Masterpieces at the Cantor Arts Center

    April 01

    It is said that one could walk around Stanford University for days and still barely scratch the surface of hidden gems and dazzling displays to see. Perhaps the most interesting of these visual attractions is the Cantor Arts Center. 

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  • computer cables in server room

    Explore the Tech Capital

    March 06

    Palo Alto is the proud home of a very unique culture and is the hub of the fast-paced digital world that makes our everyday lives go round. While staying at The Nest, you will be moments away from the tech giants that dominate every aspect of society. Enjoy one of many professional guided tours or wing it and take in the sights on your own time.

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  • stanford university

    Stanford University: The Pride of Palo Alto

    February 01

    Everybody knows Stanford University — the name, the school, the team. What they might not is the university’s beauty beyond its classrooms’ walls.

    Located minutes from The Nest, Stanford plays home to a number of singular attractions. Most are within three miles of the hotel, making for a leisurely walk or a quick ride. What’s more: There’s something for everyone.

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